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Saturday Project: Book Shelves!

When my husband and I moved into our new house we got rid of our big IKEA Billy bookcases.
Our new place has 10″ baseboards and I really didn’t want to to carve into the back of them so that they would fit flat against the wall.
Also, they would have to be painted. Ughhhh. No, thanks.

I’m an avid reader and houses without books kind of creep me out.
When we looked at this place there was nary a book in sight.
After a month of living here I was getting antsy to get some books out. I would go into the family room, (more like big pile of boxes room)
and rifle through my books, gazing at them lovingly.

I wanted shelves beside my comfy chairs, here:


Pardon the black cords. They are gone.

We got pre-cut shelves from the Home Depot and spent some time putting them together. Enter aggravation.

Then I spent some time arranging books on them and voila:


But J. thought it looked too uniform. The LAST thing I expected from my rawther OCD husband…

Soooooo, ok. I can mess it up. Et voila:


Huzzah! He says it looks more cozy, I say it holds more books. Both great things, by the way.

Slowly but surely starting to feel like home..



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