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Silver Dining Table

Alright, lets see how the dining room has evolved over the past month and a half.

This is how it was staged when we looked through it before buying:


Ok, lovely terra cotta walls accented by slate-ish grey. (Sarcasm.)
Actually, that accent wall was so dark in person that it looked black. Depress…

Here is the 1969 vintage dining table we bought before the table makeover:
(Room also got a paint job!)


It was sooooo beat up, and with the dark floors and dark chairs I really wanted to paint it.
(No way was I going to sand and stain that sucker!)
Enter here:



At least we changed the chandelier! That old sucker looked like it was about to come crashin’ down!

Alas, I wasn’t feeling the table…and our vintage wall hangings weren’t working either…Sorry, Duke!!

Bring on the silver!



Yay! The pics don’t really show up the silver too well, but trust me, it’s fab!
Exactly what I wanted!

Now I just have to deal with the smell of spray paint up my nose.

Note to self: Next time, wear a mask.


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