Today marked our first actual ‘Saturday Morning Breakfast’ in the new house.
Something nicer than a bowl of Cheerios.

Please, God.

I used a recipe from Eating Well…Living Thin, a yummolicious ‘Spinach Cheese Bake’.

I LOVE Linda’s blog! I’ve been using her recipes for almost a year now, and she truly helped me make healthier meals without being so over-the-top that it felt overwhelming. 25 lbs later, I can honestly say that I found Linda’s blog at a time when I very much needed some guidance and it made a huge difference.
Thanks, Linda!

I made a couple of modifications based on what I had in the fridge, etc.
I used sugar instead of splenda, and light ricotta instead of cottage cheese.
I also used fresh baby spinach and not as much as would be in a package of frozen since I sometimes have trouble eating all my vegetables!
(Baby steps…)

It was sooooo good, and my husband loved it!

Have a great Saturday!





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One thought on ““Eggs”cellent!

  1. Can you come cook this for me tmrw morning? Its only a plane ride away….

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